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“Thank you so much for all your support and good energy. I’m so glad I was under your care. You do fantastic work.”

Terri W.

“The staff at Cooper Center has greatly improved  the quality of my life.  I received weekly treatments for my back and I am virtually pain-free as a result.”


“Cooper Center of Physical Therapy is very knowledgeable and was able to help when no one else could.”

Sharon, M.D.

“I honestly believe I would have had to succumb to surgery without them.  They are definitely dedicated, educated and involved.”


“If we had my before and after photos, it would be clear evidence of the value of physical therapy and massage therapy as I have received it at Cooper Center.  I am grateful for the transformation.  The treatments have worked.”


The Cooper Center for Physical & Massage Therapies, Inc.

29805 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, MI, 48334-2317 | Hours: MWF 7am-3:30pm, TTh 9am-8pm

Call to schedule your appointment: (248) 851-7050